Radio Links
Our two way radio communication system usually microwave enables sharing of files and communication between branches. It can be point to point or point to multipoint

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
This is created by establishing a virtual point to point connecting through the use of dedicated connection, virtual tunneling protocol or traffic encryption. This is achieved by extending a private network across a public network as if it is connected to a private network, it is cost saving and highly secured

 Local Area Network/Wide Area Network
Local Area Network/Wide Area Network = we can share a common communication line or wireless link between a group of computers to a saver; WAN consists of two or more local area network (LANs). Computer can be connected to a wide area network through public network

We supply, install, maintain and upgrade office equipments

Mast &Towers Installation & Maintenance
Mast &Towers Installation & Maintenance = We install, rebuild and also maintain already existing mast & tower.


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